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DX Report 23 June 2015 – Indianapolis

June 24, 2015
Website banner for KINL

Website banner for KINL “Power 92.7” Eagle Pass, TX.

What a wild day! Not only wild because E-Skip conditions around the nation were off the charts, there were multiple paths that made it, nearly, impossible to identify what was coming in because distant FM stations were overriding each other on the same frequencies up and down the dial. Virtually every portion of the country was able to receive E-Skip through the entire FM band while there were numerous reports of DXers able to receive NOAA Weather Radio stations from extremely long distances.

As per 2015, Florida was coming in nice and strong with numerous re-logs from, both, the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast. The E-Skip clouds began to meander west which brought in many signals from the Gulf Coast, including a few from Louisiana that I logged last week and a new catch from Mississippi. Finally, the lid was blown open as the ionized clouds (in Earth’s atmospheric E-layer) formed between St. Louis and Oklahoma City creating intense reception for everyone monitoring FM and above frequencies. At one point, the estimated MUF (maximum useable frequency) peaked at over 250MHz on DXMAPS 2.6. Again, this was an estimation, but the opportunities for long-distance reception rivaled the famous 24 July 2012 E-Skip event.

Unfortunately, I was, only, able to identify seven new signals through the muck and mire of a clogged FM dial. Still, watching the folks at DX World posting their catches made it an amazing day, here, in Indianapolis.

My new logs:

89.1 WLAZ Kissimmee, FL 843.4 miles
91.1 WKES Lakeland, FL 836.5 miles
92.5 KHTA Wake Village, TX 613.3 miles
92.5 KKHA Markham, TX 939.1 miles
92.7 KINL Eagle Pass, TX 1113.1 miles
94.9 WMGE Miami Beach, FL 1008.7 miles
103.1 WOSM Ocean Springs, MS 657.6 miles

Today’s seven logs bring my Indianapolis total to 446 individually identified stations with 102 arriving via E-Skip.


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