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DX Report 21 June 2015 – Indianapolis

June 22, 2015
Logo of KKEZ "Mix 94.5" Fort Dodge, IA, heard and identified on 21 June 2015 in Indianapolis (462.0 miles).

Logo of Hot Adult Contemporary radio station KKEZ “Mix 94.5” Fort Dodge, IA, heard and identified on 21 June 2015 in Indianapolis (462.0 miles).

For the first day of summer, DXers, like myself, anticipate a big day of E-Skip throughout the country. For the most part, it held true as many friends around the USA bagged numerous signals. However, I was shut out until after 9PM, when something interesting happened.

It was innocuous enough, as a path opened from Florida into Indianapolis. Three signals I had logged, before, popped in: 88.1 WAYF – West Palm Beach (968.3 miles), 89.5 WAYJ – Naples (972.2 miles) and 92.7 WAVW – Stuart (921.7 miles). In addition, I was able to hear and identify two more from the Sunshine State: 93.7 WGYL – Vero Beach (898.7 miles) and 98.1 WNUE – Deltona (803.0 miles). What happened after that, completely, blew me away.

It appeared that some local tropospheric enhancement was occurring, as stations that were, normally, just outside my listening area were, extremely, strong. I had heard these stations before, so I didn’t give it much thought until I dropped to the non-commercial band of FM (88.1-91.9 MHz).

Hearing classical music on 91.7 was new to me so, I stuck around. To my surprise, the station was identified (at 10PM ET) as KICG – Perry, Iowa (438.5 miles). In my two-plus years in Indianapolis, I had never heard and identified an Iowa FM radio station. I had IDed Iowa signals during my time in Myrtle Beach (via E-Skip) so, obviously, this was exciting for a DXer like me. A true tropospheric duct had opened and KICG wasn’t the only station to come in clear enough to identify.

Over the next 90 minutes, I was able to add seven more Iowa signals to the log:

91.7 KSUI Iowa City, IA 305.9 miles (same programming as KICG)
94.1 KRNA Iowa City, IA 302.7 miles
94.5 KKEZ Fort Dodge, IA 462.0 miles (my 3rd “Mix 94.5” logged)
96.1 KMXG Clinton, IA 260.4 miles
96.5 KKSY Cedar Rapids, IA 329.1 miles
103.7 WLLR Davenport, IA 260.6 miles
106.5 KCQQ Davenport, IA 260.4 miles

While KCQQ was tied for the shortest signal received from Iowa, I consider it my best log. I live less than three miles from 106.7 WTLC – Indianapolis’ transmitter and tower. WTLC has IBOC (In-Band-On-Channel) that can, digitally, transmit multiple signals simultaneously and gives off what we call “sideband” which can wipe out the ability to hear anything on adjacent frequencies (in this case, 106.5 and 106.9). KCQQ’s signal was so strong, I was able to capture its scrolling RDS (Radio Data System) readout, despite the lower sideband interference from WTLC.

The duct was over, shortly, before midnight, but it was a productive evening.

In addition, KKEZ and KICG overtook 98.1 WXMX – Millington, TN (372.8 miles) as my longest receptions via Tr at 462.0 and 438.5 miles, respectively.

The ten new signals (two E-Skip, eight Tropospheric Ducting) raise my total confirmed receptions in Indianapolis since 08 June 2013 to 438, with 95 coming in via E-Skip. For 2015, 38 stations have been added to my log with 18 via E-Skip.





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