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DX Report March 25-26, 2015 – Indianapolis

March 26, 2015

TrThere wasn’t much happening in Indianapolis before 8PM ET but, all of a sudden, a big duct opened to the west-southwest that brought in the usual FM visitors from St. Louis and Cape Girardeau, MO. The duct shifted east and southeast after 9:30PM and held strong until rain moved into the area between 1AM – 2AM ET.

Cincinnati and Dayton signals were very strong up and down the dial, including 101.1 WIZF – Erlanger, KY (serving Cincinnati) at 2.5KW. “101.1 The Wiz”, usually, gets crushed by local WNOW on 100.9 and semi-local 101.1 WMYJ – Bloomfield, IN. 100.7 WEEC – Springfield, OH was booming in over semi-local WMGI – Terre Haute, IN for, nearly, an hour with the antenna pointed from 315° to 135°. At one point, the enhanced tropospheric ducting was so strong, there was a three-way fight on 104.1. Semi-local WLBC – Muncie, IN and occasional log WIKY – Evansville, IN were identifiable, but one of the signals was tough to identify. Finally, I was able to ID it as WNKE – New Boston, OH at 181.9 miles.

To the southeast, Louisville stations were popping up as easy as Cincinnati and Dayton while Lexington started to move in shortly after 11PM ET. 98.1 WBUL – Lexington made its presence known, completely wiping out semi-locals WIBN – Earl Park, IN and WRAY – Princeton, IN. Shortly before midnight, I scanned down to the non-commercial band and found some very bizarre music on 88.1 – which is, normally, inhabited by religious formatted WSRC – Waynetown, IN. Eventually, the station was identified as WRFL – Lexington, from the University of Kentucky. Numerous north-central Kentucky signals moved in, but nothing new was logged until, approximately 1:10AM ET, when I was able to null 99.1 WHKO – Dayton long enough to hear religious programming which was identified as WJMM – Keene, KY (serving Lexington).

From that point on, light rain moved into the area and, by 2AM ET, all ducting was gone.

New Logs

88.1 WRFL Lexington, KY 7.9K-C3 144.6 miles

99.1 WJMM Keene, KY 2.1K-A 143.7 miles

104.1 WNKE New Boston, OH 100K-C0 181.9 miles

Met Data

46 degrees, dropping to 43 by 1:30AM ET

Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy, cloudy after 12AM ET

Rain from 1:10AM ET

Winds calm to 5-10MPH by 12:30AM ET

Database Totals (since June 8, 2013)

FM: 408 (77 E-Skip)

New in 2015: 8 (0 E-Skip)


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