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DX Report 01 October 2014

October 2, 2014

Despite chilly temperatures in Indianapolis (low 50’s), we had some decent tropospheric ducting from Cincinnati (95 – 105 miles) and from just south of Chicago (130 miles). Despite interference from Indy-area adjacent channels, signals from The Queen City were very strong, including 92.5 WOFX, 93.3 WAKW, 94.1 WNNF, 96.5 WFTK, 98.5 WRRM, 102.7 WEBN & 105.1 WUBE.

I was able to identify three stations previously unheard by me in Indianapolis: 101.1 WIZF (101.1 “The Wiz”), 104.3 WNLT (“K-Love”) and 107.1 WKFS (“KISS 107”). All three of these stations are not strong signals (2.5KW, 2KW & 2.8KW, respectively). Interestingly, WKFS was picked up, despite local 107.1 WEDJ and its 1.8KW transmitter only 23 miles WNW from my location. Also, I was able to, for the first time, receive WUBE strong enough (at 96.5 miles) to decode its RDS signal.

For a short period of time, NE Indiana, including Fort Wayne stations, were coming in very well. A surprising signal to hear was 97.3 WMEE, Fort Wayne (110.1 miles) because on 97.1, WLHK’s signal normally destroys listenability on, both, 96.9 & 97.3 with its transmitter 6.7 miles to the ESE.

Before shutting things down at approximately 6:30AM, a short duct appeared from the NW corner of Indiana which yielded a re-log of 1.35KW 103.9 WXRD – Crown Point, IN at 129.2 miles.



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